Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Gem

Marsha Rooney, interviewed earlier, also sent me a copy of the original script for the Spokane Timeline exhibit. I took the time to thin it out a bit, removing some of the unnecessary instructions that it originally contained.

Here you can see the finished product of many hours of hard work including labor and the difficulty of deciding what gets included and what gets left out of the exhibit. This is some of what can be expected if one is considering pursuing museum curating as a profession.

If you haven't yet, please do take the time to watch the interview with Marsha Rooney and then glance over the script to better understand this most excellent exhibit.

In order to view the script please click the link below, you will be redirected to Badongo.com where you can download the script to your computer. The file will be a small file, considering it is only text, all you must do is:
- Enter the proper characters into the spam protector on the site and
- Wait less than a minute for the file to be available to download
- Locate the file in your downloads folder, then open and read!
If there are any issues with this process, please leave a comment about your issue. Enjoy!

Spokane Timeline script

Interview with Marsha Rooney

I recently had the pleasure of asking Marsha Rooney, the Senior Curator of History at the NW MAC, a few questions. We had a great discussion on the the history of the Spokane Timeline exhibit, we also talked about the process of setting up that exhibit.

Special thanks to Marsha and the MAC for opening their doors to us on a day they are normally closed to the public.

Please take the time to watch and enjoy!

The Spokane Timeline: An Interview with Marsha Rooney from Nikolai Cherny on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A brief history of Spokane

The city of Spokane was settled in the late 19th century, during our nation's westward expansion. Settlers arrived on stagecoaches such as shown below. IMG_3195
These are handmade models, very similar to what one would see traveling through in the time of the settlement.

The visitors can take advantage of the digital kiosks that the exhibit features. These kiosks are touch-screen and provides more information than what is posted with the displays and offers fun quizzes.IMG_3191
Be sure to try one of the kiosks out on your visit!

Continuing in the exhibit, the visitors can see the first camera used by KXLY, one of the local television broadcasting companies. IMG_3147

A day at the Museum

This slideshow includes a few of the photos I took on my visit to the exhibit. You can pause the slides and enlarge them to better view the photos. Enjoy!

The Timeline

This blog was created to show the features of the Spokane Timeline exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. The photos of the displays were taken during one of my visits to the exhibit.

For more information about the Northwest MAC, please visit their website:
Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture